T-Bone Collision

Car accidents are generally life-threatening, but getting into a T-Bone collision can put your personal well-being in even more danger. T-bone collisions are more dangerous and result in more serious injuries than other types of car accidents. After a T-bone collision, you may have to take time to recover from your wounds and pay high medical bills. All of these expenses can weigh you down financially. When a car accident isn’t your fault, you deserve to be compensated for your damages by the at-fault party. A car accident attorney can prove that you are owed compensation and get the maximum settlement amount. Call Georgia Trial firm today for a free consultation and to work with our experienced and educated team of knowledgeable lawyers. 

What Is A T-Bone Car Accident?

t-bone collision

T-bone crashes occur when the front of a vehicle crashes into the side of another vehicle, resulting in disastrous and hazardous damages. These accidents typically occur at intersections or traffic lights. When a driver doesn’t obey the traffic light or stop sign, they enter an intersection while other vehicles have the right of way. The effect of a T–bone accident is very severe because the vehicle occupants do not have much protection from side impacts. 

Who Is At Fault In A T-Bone Car Accident?

Depending on the circumstances, either car driver could be at fault. This is based on who was breaking a traffic law or disregarding traffic signs. Here are some ways that a driver may be fully liable: 

  • Not Yielding at an Intersection
  • Not Stopping At a Stop Sign
  • Ignoring A Red Light

Common Injuries Caused By A T-Bone Accident

There are a few different types of injuries that can happen because of a T-bone collision. Because of the force slamming into one side of the vehicle, here are some of the following wounds that can occur:


When your car jolts after a collision, you can be thrown sideways in your vehicle at such a high speed that your neck muscles strain against the force. This can cause chronic pain that prevents the victim from moving their head and neck. 

Brain Injury

If the crash is intense enough, the brain can hit the inside of the skull and cause even more damage. This can result in hemorrhaging, hematoma, and concussion. 

It is also possible for vehicle occupants to hit their heads after being struck by the other car. They may also receive penetrating injuries, which means that an object penetrates the skull, causing severe bleeding and other injuries. 

Chest Injuries 

Because the chest is vulnerable to being injured during a car accident, broken ribs, damaged organs, and broken clavicles are common. Punctured lungs are another serious risk in a T-bone collision. 

How Can My Lawyer Prove Negligence?

Your T-bone collision attorney will work hard to prove the other party is liable for your injuries. They will analyze the accident scene to understand how the accident occurred. They’ll obtain the police report that shows the police officer’s account of the accident. If possible, they may also obtain camera footage to see how the accident happened. The other driver may have a history of poor driving habits, so they could get their driving record to strengthen your case. Your attorney will also check to find out if the driver was sober or intoxicated when the accident happened. 

Why Work With A Georgia Trial Firm Lawyer?

Your T-bone collision probably turned your life upside down, making day-to-day activities difficult due to your injuries. The damages caused by another’s neglectful actions shouldn’t go uncompensated. This is why speaking to an attorney about what you are experiencing is important, especially if it has a negative impact on your life. Our attorneys will calculate the compensation you need and negotiate with the other party to give you the best chance of getting it. They maximize your ability to receive fair compensation, which is far more difficult to do on your own. Contact us today to find out how our law firm can provide you with the help you need. Reach out to Georgia Trial Firm for a free consultation.