Brain Injury


The brain is arguably the most complex organ of the human body, and one of the most complex systems known to man. As such, a brain injury can have widespread ramifications that go far beyond the expected range of symptoms and side effects and requires immediate and highly skilled medical intervention in order to mitigate the damage done, and hopefully, get the victim on the path towards recovery as quickly as possible. Once referred to as a “silent epidemic,” brain injuries have been given the attention and importance that they truly deserve in recent years as the serious secondary impacts of these types of injuries have been revealed.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury as a result of someone else’s actions (or inactions), then you may be entitled to compensation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit or claim. However, navigating the process of filing a claim, calculating what you rightfully deserve, and then negotiating this amount on your own can seem impossible, especially as you are working to adjust to the reality of these brain injuries and the impacts that they have on your life. This is why a personal injury attorney can be so helpful.

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What To Do After a Brain Injury

No matter how you have sustained a brain injury, it is absolutely essential that you get medical attention immediately so that you can begin to focus on recovery. The following steps are some of the essential first actions to take following an injury. 

Call 911 If Applicable

If you are in an accident, especially one caused by someone else, call 911 so that the police department, firefighters, and EMTs can secure the area and administer emergency medical care. This step is important to ensure that there is an accident report that verifies your injuries, and will likely provide additional documentation about who caused the accident.

See a Doctor Immediately

Brain injuries are extremely serious injuries and require immediate medical attention no matter how minor you believe that they may be. Since these types of injuries are not easily seen by the untrained eye, the victim will need to be examined by a medical professional, and likely must do a CT scan or an MRI to confirm the extent of the damage. The longer that the victim waits to have these exams done, the more permanent damage may be done.

Hire a Lawyer

If your injuries were caused by someone else, then you may be entitled to compensation in the form of an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. However, there are many steps that must be taken along this process that are best made with the help of an experienced legal professional. Trying to take on the stress of an injury claim while also trying to focus on recovery can be difficult, which is why we will take that stress off of your shoulders so that you can focus on what is most important: getting your life back on track after this horrible accident.