Understanding traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries occur when an external physical force damages the brain. These injuries are one of the most common causes of disability, impacting your life in the most significant ways. At Pendergrass Law, we can help you get compensation. 

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Most common types of traumatic brain injuries in Stone Mountain, GA

Concussions tend to be the most common types of traumatic brain injuries. They occur as a result of a blow to the head that causes the brain to hit the skull. This can result in bruising and chemical changes in the brain. Penetrating injuries involve something breaking through the skull and injuring the brain. 

They can lead to all manner of consequences, including fatalities. A brain contusion (bruise) is also common when the head is struck or comes to a sudden stop after moving quickly. A brain hemorrhage is a very dangerous brain injury that occurs when you experience uncontrollable bleeding in the brain tissue or in the spaces around the brain. 

Was there negligence? Establishing if you have a claim

The first thing to consider if you’re dealing with brain injuries is to establish if you have a personal injury claim. That means proving negligence. In Georgia, to do so is not always as simple as it may sound. The initial step is proving the person had a duty of care. Once you can prove that, you need to show that they breached that duty. If you fell because of faulty stairs at a store, you can claim the store owner owed you, a customer, a duty of care and breached it by not keeping the premises in good condition. The next thing you have to prove is that the person’s negligence directly led to the injuries you suffered and that you can get compensated for your losses. If you can meet all of those conditions, you could get compensation for the injuries you suffered. 

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Why you need to get a brain injury lawyer in Stone Mountain, GA 

Georgia follows a modified comparative negligence doctrine. It can be very helpful in certain circumstances in which you may have been partly at fault for an accident because it still allows you to get some compensation. The problem is that if you’re the party involved who’s deemed to be most at fault, you’re not eligible for any compensation. 

Because of this caveat, it’s essential that you have an attorney ready to prove you weren’t most at fault. One of the most important things that a brain injury attorney in Stone Mountain, GA, can do is to gather the necessary evidence to prove you’re not to blame. They will also negotiate with insurance companies to defend your rights. 

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Compensation for brain injuries: What you can expect

Compensation for brain injury claims falls into two main categories: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages involve the kind of losses that you can put a price tag on, including lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage.  Non-economic damages deal with things like pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life. These aren’t as easy to calculate, but generally, the more severe the injuries you sustain, the higher the non-economic damages will be.  Punitive damages are not compensatory but work to punish the person at fault. These aren’t always available. They’re reserved for the most egregious of cases, especially those in which the person at fault showed malicious intent. 

How The Pendergrass Law Firm can help

At Pendergrass Law, we represent all types of brain injuries that result from accidents that negligent actions caused. Our team of experienced lawyers is ready to assess your claim. We’ll always offer a truthful idea of what you can expect from the process. If you have a viable claim, we’ll begin gathering evidence to prove the other party was at fault.

We’ll then begin negotiating with insurance companies. Insurance companies are always out to minimize your claim, so having an experienced brain injury lawyer in Stone Mountain, GA, makes a difference. Negotiations don’t always get the right results. If we see that the other party isn’t cooperating, we have litigation experience. We’ll be ready to file a lawsuit and get your case into court. 

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Hiring a brain injury lawyer in Stone Mountain, GA

A brain injury can be devastating, potentially causing disabilities that are life-altering. If that’s something you’ve gone through, you need to contact lawyers who are ready to assess the claim right away. We’re a boutique firm at Pendergrass Law. This means we give each claim the attention it deserves. You’ll never be just another number when you turn to us. Contact The Pendergrass Law Firm today to speak with one of our attorneys. 

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