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Each day, we put our trust in countless people — strangers and friends alike — to act in reasonable and responsible ways in order to keep us from being harmed in avoidable accidents. Most often, we are able to go about our days without being hurt or killed, but there are many times across the United States that this is unfortunately not the case. When a person is injured or killed as a result of someone else’s negligent, reckless, or even malicious behavior, this typically opens the door to a tort clai. Tort claims are often in the form of an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit and are designed to provide financial relief to the victim or the surviving family members of someone who suffered a wrongful death. 

Even when a victim files an insurance claim, the reality is that there is no straightforward path towards getting the compensation they rightfully deserve. Whether they are working with defense attorneys or an insurance adjuster, the team representing the at-fault party is focused on paying as little as possible while still resolving the civil claims against their client. When you file an insurance claim on your own, especially while you try to focus on recovering from your injuries and moving forward with your life, it can be overwhelming. This is why working with an attorney is such an important step to take after any personal injury.

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After a personal injury, you need to take care of many things  — even though your best-case scenario would be to focus on your recovery without any additional burdens. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. You will need to submit statements to the insurance company, record your version of the events, manage a claim with an insurance adjuster, juggle your work obligations as your wages suffer and your productivity declines, and more. It is no wonder that insurance companies are able to settle claims for far less than what they should actually pay to victims.

We encourage any victim of someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior to contact us before contacting the insurance company to initiate their claim. You have a lot you need to deal with already, and an insurance claim or personal injury case is complicated without trying to handle your personal needs on top of it. We are here to help. During our initial consultation, we will be able to go over the many factors that make your situation unique, and once we have a clear understanding of the accident, we will be able to provide you with legal advice on how best to proceed with your case. 

The Pendergrass Law Firm has a history of helping personal injury victims get the money they deserve. Contact us as soon as possible to get the support you need to reach a fair settlement agreement or lawsuit award while prioritizing your own personal needs. 

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Our Personal Injury Practice Areas in Stone Mountain, GA

The following are the practice areas we generally represent in Stone Mountain, GA. Whether or not you see your situation below, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation and how to best move forward to get the money you deserve for the damages you have suffered.

Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bike is a low-cost and healthy way to get around town, but there are significant risks that come with this method of transportation. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to obey traffic laws designed to keep cyclists safe.

Car Accidents

There were 123 car accidents reported to the Georgia Department of Transportation in Stone Mountain in 2019, and a total of 404,043 accidents across the state of Georgia in the same time period. While the low number of accidents in Stone Mountain, GA is encouraging to residents, it is no guarantee that you will not be one of the unlucky victims of a crash.

Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is any type of injury that has a permanent impact on your life. If you have suffered from catastrophic injuries that someone else caused, you will benefit from working with a personal injury lawyer.  They can help you calculate the long-term costs and losses associated with your injuries before working towards a comprehensive settlement.

Motorcycle Accidents

Driving a motorcycle is exhilarating, but it is important to be aware of the many risks posed to a motorcyclist that are less of an issue for those in passenger vehicles. For one, a motorcycle is easier to miss in a blind spot, increasing the risk of a crash. Additionally, a motorcycle rider has no structural protection, meaning that even low-speed crashes can be serious or even fatal.

Pedestrian Accidents

As a pedestrian, you rely on drivers to obey traffic laws and give you the right of way where required, such as while using a crosswalk or traveling on a sidewalk. Unfortunately, there are many instances where a driver fails to do so, leading to severe or fatal injuries for pedestrians in Stone Mountain, GA, and beyond.

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks can be 10x larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, and though truck drivers have commercial drivers’ licenses and additional certifications to operate these massive vehicles, they are still fallible and could cause an accident.

Slip and Falls

Each time you visit someone else’s property, you have a legal right to expect that they have taken all necessary precautions to keep your visit safe from accidents. If you have been injured due to a hazard on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation for a slip and fall accident.

Dog Bites

A Georgia dog owner is legally responsible for their dog’s behavior, and if their animal attacks you due to no fault of your own, then you may be entitled to compensation from the owner for a range of damages. 

Wrongful Deaths

A wrongful death is any death caused by someone else’s actions (or inactions) that would otherwise be handled through a personal injury claim. These situations are more complicated than an injury case because there are many rightful claimants and many more damages present.

Product Liability Cases

When you use a product, you can expect that the manufacturer has taken all of the necessary steps to provide you with accurate directions and usage, quality control to ensure that there are no defects in manufacturing and that you are able to use the product without fear of injury through normal use. When this is not the case, and you get injured, you may have a right to seek compensation.