Dog bites in Peachtree Corners, GA

Georgia follows a modified one-bite rule, which means the owner is liable if they knew or should have known the dog was vicious. This usually means that the dog has bitten someone before. Proving negligence is not necessary, but there are other requirements. 

Understanding one-bite laws in Georgia

You can hold a dog owner strictly liable for damages if the owner knew the dog was dangerous. What makes the dog dangerous under Georgia law? It’s not enough to see them barking and growling. The dog must have inflicted a severe injury on a human before without provocation, or it must have aggressively bitten or endangered the life of a human without provocation after the owner was made aware of the dog’s potential danger. To get compensation, you have to prove the dog was dangerous, that the owner knew or should have known about its viciousness, and that they allowed it to roam free or were otherwise careless with the animal. It’s up to the victim to prove the dog is dangerous. 

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Proving your claim in Peachtree Corners, GA

It’s not always straightforward to prove that the dog was dangerous and that the owner knew about it. Even a dog that displays some aggressive tendencies isn’t necessarily dangerous by the standards of Georgia law. You may be able to claim the dog was dangerous if it tries to get away from its owner to attack someone or if it charges at other animals. You’ll need eyewitness testimonies, records of complaints against the dog, video footage, or other victim testimonies. You’ll also have to prove that you didn’t provoke the dog and were legally on the property. Furthermore, you’ll have to prove the extent of your injuries, which can mean gathering medical records, photos, and eyewitness testimonies. 

Common types of injuries after a dog bite

Dog bites can cause injuries that range from mild scratches to severe punctures that could send you to the hospital. There are also psychological injuries you can sustain, with many people suffering PTSD and developing phobias after being bitten.

The worst type of injuries, including those that lead to disfigurement, generally happen because of dogs that you know, as you’re more likely to bring your face closer to their mouths. 

Dogs have such powerful jaws that they can break your bones and cause nerve and tissue damage. Because of the bacteria in a dog’s mouth, the risk of infection is also a concern, especially with deep bites. 

Available compensation after a dog bite

After suffering an injury from a dog bite in Peachtree Corners, GA, you have the chance to ask for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages, also known as special damages, include medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of earning potential. Under Georgia law, you can also claim non-economic damages, called general damages. These are less simple to quantify and include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and even loss of companionship if you lose a loved one. In especially egregious cases, Georgia law also allows you to claim punitive damages. Punitive damages punish the dog’s owner if they acted willfully or with malice. An example is if they ordered their dog to attack someone who was not trespassing. 

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How a dog bite lawyer in Peachtree Corners can help

The complexities of Georgia law when it comes to dog bites make getting help from a dog bite attorney in Peachtree Corners, GA, crucial. It’s common for the dog owner to try to claim that you provoked the dog, so turn to representation like us at Pendergrass Law. Lawyers have experience dealing with insurance companies. If you try to do this on your own, you could be tricked or bullied into accepting a low settlement.

A lawyer knows the law and what your rights are, and they will fight to help you get the right compensation. Dog bite lawyers also know the kind of evidence that can be the most helpful. We can help by reaching out to witnesses for statements and putting together the most relevant medical records to prove the extent of your injuries. 

Pendergrass Law: Ready to help you after a dog bite

At The Pendergrass Law Firm, we know how traumatic, both physically and mentally, a dog bite can be. The experience can drain your financial resources while also putting more stress on your shoulders. At our firm, we try to take some of that burden off you. We’re lawyers with years of experience offering help to those throughout Peachtree Corners, GA. We offer bilingual services, as well, allowing us to help the Spanish- and English-speaking communities. You don’t have to worry about language barriers with us. We’re a boutique firm, which means we treat each case like the unique one it is. When you turn to us, you’re never just another claim. Have you suffered a dog bite? Contact The Pendergrass Law Firm today to get the help you can depend on. 

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