How Do Truck Accidents Happen

Truck accidents can occur for many reasons. They often result in wide-turn, sideswipe, jackknife, T-bone, rear-end, and head-on collisions. Worst of all, sometimes they cause rollovers which can create devastating damage. The most common reasons they happen include the following:

Poor Road Conditions And Bad Weather

In many cases, a truck driver may be dealing with some unfortunate circumstances on the road. Poor road conditions such as one riddled with potholes could be the reason a truck crashes. When there is heavy rain, wind, fog, and other poor weather conditions, this can also increase the chance of a truck accident. When wild animals enter the roadway or there are obstacles on the road, these can serve as additional distractions forcing a truck to lose control. 

Aggressive Driving 

Truck drivers may act recklessly and begin driving aggressively due to an emotional outburst or impatience. They can cut off drivers, drive in lanes not designated for them, swerve out of their lane, and carry out other careless behaviors. Reckless driving is unpredictable and makes it difficult for drivers to avoid being in a truck accident. 

Distracted Driving

Many commercial truck accidents are caused by distracted driving. Truck drivers are on the road for a long time and can start multi-tasking while driving. For example, they might eat a meal while driving, send emails, text, play games on their phone, and more. Truck drivers can get distracted while trying to use the radio, map their destination, or talk on their phones. These can take a truck driver’s eyes off the road, a long enough distraction to cause a semi-truck accident. 

Intoxicated Driving 

Although truck drivers are regularly tested by their trucking company, they may have been intoxicated in your Brookhaven truck accident case. The truck driver could have been abusing drugs or alcohol behind the wheel, causing a catastrophic truck accident. This is because drugs and alcohol can incapacitate them, making it difficult for them to process information. Poor decision-making on the road is often the result. 

Fatigued Driving

Semi truck accidents sometimes are caused by tired drivers. Because truck drivers travel long distances, they can become fatigued after a long shift. The FMCSA requires all commercial truck drivers to rest at regularly scheduled breaks. Not following this law is a violation of the FMCSA policies. When fatigued, drivers can fall asleep while driving, be too mentally fatigued to avoid other vehicles or obstacles, or make mistakes due to sheer exhaustion. 

Blind Spots

Cars, motorcycles, and other auto vehicles in the blind spots around trucks can be the cause of a truck accident as well. Truck drivers have to be extra vigilant to check their mirrors regularly before changing lanes. It is difficult to see what is surrounding the truck because it is such a long vehicle. For this reason, car drivers in a truck driver’s blind spot may be collided into with no warning. 


Truck drivers traveling faster than their required speed limit can put lives in danger. Commercial trucks must drive slower than other vehicles because they weigh 20,000 to 80,000 pounds. This massive carriage takes longer to slow down than an ordinary vehicle, which means they cannot stop on short notice. Also, the length of space a truck needs to slow down can double or triple based on how fast they are going. This is why they must go slower to prevent them from crashing into a slower or stopping car ahead of them. 

Improper Cargo Loading

Although not the truck driver’s fault, the cargo loading team at the warehouse may have improperly loaded the truck. The straps holding the cargo may have been loose or defective, the carriage may have had too much cargo, or the cargo could be unevenly distributed. There are many other ways cargo can be loaded incorrectly. This error can cause a semi-truck accident because it affects the balance of the truck. The truck can move uncontrollably, resulting in a scary truck accident. 

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Trucking companies have to regularly inspect their commercial vehicles to ensure they are performing to quality standards. The truck driver must also ensure they have their vehicle inspected periodically. When they fail to do this, the truck can malfunction and cause a terrible accident with no warning. 

Manufacturer’s Defect

Truck manufacturers sometimes make errors in their engineering, which are later discovered as a design flaw. Manufacturer defects can unexpectedly cause a truck accident when an internal malfunction forces the truck to break down in the middle of the road. 

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Truck Accident FAQ

You may be worried about how your settlement is handled and how much you will be owed. Here are some answers to frequently asked truck accident settlement questions. Your Brookhaven truck accident lawyer can provide you with more detailed information.

What Can I Receive In My Truck Accident Settlement?

Your truck accident settlement will be estimated with the help of truck accident attorneys. If you file a truck accident lawsuit or truck accident settlement claim, you can seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

What Are Considered As Medical Bill Damages?

You may have serious injuries caused by a terrible truck collision. All medical bills, both past and future, can be recovered in your personal injury compensation. For example, if you require an x-ray, surgery, and physical therapy after your truck accident for several months, this amount will be part of your personal injury compensation. Even the cost of transportation to and from your medical appointments can be reimbursed.

What Are Pain And Suffering Damages?

Injured parties often deal with extreme physical pain and emotional problems after they have been in a truck accident. PTSD, grief, depression, anxiety, and many other forms of negative emotions may occur due to your personal injury. It is not fair to suffer these emotions after you have been harmed because of another’s negligence. An experienced truck accident lawyer will estimate how much your pain and suffering damages are with the help of a multiplier.

Do I Receive Property Damage Coverage If My Insurance Pays For It?

Your Brookhaven truck accident lawyer will also include property damage if your insurance company does not completely cover the cost. The immense impact of a truck accident may completely total your car. Your mechanic will estimate how much your car repair will cost, which will be included in your settlement amount.

If I Miss Work, Can That Be Compensated For?

If you have been badly injured, you may need to take time away from work. Weeks or months of being unable to work can impact your ability to thrive and stay afloat financially. Any lost wages in the past and future will be estimated by your Brookhaven truck accident lawyer and added to your total compensation.

What Happens If A Truck Accident Victim Passed Away?

Immediate family members can receive fair compensation on behalf of a deceased family member. Brookhaven truck accident lawyers can guide family members on filing a truck accident claim against the responsible party. They will include funeral bills, burial fees, and other expenses caused by the wrongful death. Damages such as loss of consortium, loss of guardianship, loss of valuable services, loss of earning capacity, lost benefits, and other damages can be considered as part of your compensation. It is not fair that the dependents of the truck accident victim have to struggle without their loved one. This is why a Brookhaven truck accident lawyer can stand up for your right to receive fair compensation after a devastating truck accident has occurred.

Learn About How Your Truck Accident Lawyer Can Represent You

Personal injury lawyers develop a strong attorney-client relationship to discover how to best deliver legal services. Our law office is with you every step of the way. We understand the challenge of dealing with such a difficult tragedy. Truck accident lawyers prove fault by discovering all the evidence required to demonstrate the other party’s negligence. We then work with the other party to negotiate a fair settlement reflecting the severity of your damages. After you seek medical attention, visit one of our law offices. We can review your claim and notify you how much you can receive in compensation. Our experienced lawyers identify the at-fault party, and hold them liable for your damages. We also provide helpful resources in case you need additional guidance and help. You will only pay us after we have won your case because we work on a contingency fee basis. For a free consultation, contact The Pendergrass Law Firm, LC now

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