Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Georgia

In 2020, the state of Georgia had the fourth-highest number of traffic fatalities in the nation. Additionally, motor vehicle collisions were the second leading cause of hospitalizations, ER visits, and injury deaths in the state. Naturally, most of these collisions involved car vs. car accident cases, but motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and pedestrian accidents have much higher injury rates. The Pendergrass Law Firm handles compensation claims for accidents involving specialty vehicles. 

Truck Accidents

A loaded commercial tractor-trailer can weigh up to 40 tons. When a two-ton passenger car is involved in a truck accident, the massive size of the vehicle can make an accident deadly, even at low speeds. A truck accident lawyer must be familiar with the state and federal laws governing commercial vehicles, their maintenance, truck drivers’ hours of service, etc. 

Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycles are capable of nimble maneuvers in traffic, but their relatively small frame offers little protection to the rider and makes it difficult for other drivers to see a rider if they’re not paying close attention. Motorcyclists are only protected by the gear they wear and they almost always sustain injuries in a motorcycle accident. 

Bicycle Accidents

While bikes are much slower than motorized vehicles, bicyclists are extremely vulnerable to drivers who may not notice them along the side of the roadway or crossing an intersection. Cyclists are also vulnerable to “dooring.” This is when a driver opens their door in the path of a cyclist who is approaching from their rear. 

Pedestrian Accidents

When pedestrians cross the road, they are at the mercy of the drivers. If a driver is not paying proper attention, they may miss the signal or run a stop sign and strike the pedestrian. Pedestrian vs. automobile accidents almost always result in serious injuries to the former.

Bus Accidents 

The occupants of buses often sustain injuries when the driver changes direction or stops suddenly. When the bus is involved in an accident, the occupants can impact their heads on the seats in front of them, fall down in the aisle, etc.  

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What Steps To Take After A Car Accident

After a car crash, many things can happen. You could become severely injured, unable to move, have multiple liable parties, and other difficult situations. Car accident lawyers can guide you through scary situations to ensure you are well represented and treated fairly. Car accident cases require the following steps:

Reach Out To The 911 Hotline

After your car crash, you should dial 911. Allow first responders to arrive at the car accident scene. This can help in a difficult situation that leaves you badly wounded. The medical team can take care of any emergency medical conditions. Also, the police will arrive at the car accident scene to file a police report. If they see something wrong with the other party, for example, signs of intoxication, they will issue a drug test. They may also issue a citation if the other driver violated a traffic law. 

Receive Medical Attention

You need to receive medical attention as soon as possible after your car accident. This is not only for your safety, but also because your car accident claim will need proof of medical expenses. This helps your personal injury law firm recover compensation on your behalf. The other party may try to reduce your settlement offer by arguing your injuries were not caused by your Lawrenceville car accident.

Call Your Car Insurance Company

Be sure your insurance company is notified about your accident. They may be able to cover some of your property damage. Additionally, they sometimes cover medical bills depending on the type of insurance coverage you have.

Write Down Contact Information From All Involved Parties

It is important to collect the contact information from the other party, so your car accident lawyer can reach out to them. Try to collect their insurance company information. You should also collect contact information from any eyewitnesses, as their testimonies can strengthen your personal injury claim.  

Take Photographs Of The Car Crash

Your car accident must be documented, so all involved parties can see the extent of the damage. Pictures of the crash reveal the property damage done to your car. You can also show how the other car was damaged, the debris around the crash scene, and other involved cars. Your car accident photographs will be analyzed by your personal injury attorney as physical evidence of where and how your car accident occurred. You can take pictures of the at fault individual’s license plate as well, so they can be held accountable. 

Call A Lawrenceville Car Accident Attorney

Your Lawrenceville car accident lawyer will provide legal representation to help you receive maximum compensation from the liable party. They do this by representing you before the other parties in your best interests. Using evidence from your car accident, they can prove how the other party is at fault for your injuries. Your car accident lawyer receives fair compensation through negotiation tactics and other legal maneuvers. 

What Car Accidents Attorneys Do To Help

A lot goes into determining how a negligent driver caused you to have severe injuries. Your personal injury lawyer must discover as much evidence as possible to demonstrate you were not at fault for your auto accident. They do this by doing the following:

Filing Subpoenas

A significant amount of car accidents are caused by distracted driving. This reckless behavior is caused by drivers who text, play games, take videos, eat, put on makeup, map locations, and more while driving. Multi-tasking like this takes their eyes off the road, and in Georgia, it is illegal to operate a vehicle without hands-free devices. Lawrenceville car accident lawyers can prove this by filing a subpoena with the at-fault driver’s phone service company. 

Reviewing Traffic Camera Footage

If the car accident was caught on camera, your auto accident lawyer can analyze the video footage. They can discover how the other party violated state traffic laws based on the activity seen in the footage. The at fault party may have been speeding, swerving, running a red light, or more. 

Obtaining Police Reports

Your car accident lawyer will request a police report so they can discover additional pieces of information. The police may have noted that the at fault driver was fatigued with bloodshot eyes or even intoxicated. They may have issued citations stating how the other driver broke a traffic law, further providing a reason for why they may be at fault for your car accident. Your police report will be an official form of evidence from a police officer. 

Working With Accident Reconstruction Experts

Law firms often work with accident reconstruction experts to recreate the car accident scene. This helps theorize how the accident happens and shows possible scenarios that are likely to have occurred. Your attorney will use this method as a way to obtain a fair settlement. 

Analyzing Car Black Box Data

Most modern cars now have an electronic digital recorder called a black box that collects information about a vehicle’s performance. The black box will provide information on how fast a car was going before the crash and when the driver stepped on the brake. Other information may be recorded that can give your attorney clues on how the other driver was negligent. 

Requesting Driving Records

Sometimes, the other driver may have a history of repeat offenses. If your attorney finds the other driver has a record of similar traffic infractions, this can help your claim. For example, a driver with a history of DUIs may have caused your accident for the same reason. This can be helpful if the other driver never took a drug test. 

Obtaining Drug Tests 

Attorneys also collect evidence by reviewing drug tests. The evidence can show whether the other party was intoxicated and should not have been behind the wheel. 

Using Medical Records

After you have received medical treatment, you will know how severe your injuries were and how long your treatment may take. Your attorney can use your medical costs to pursue compensation. Medical records are undeniable evidence you were badly injured due to another’s negligence. 

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What Damages Are Expected From Your Car Accident

When recovering compensation, your attorney will need to estimate how much you should receive in damages. They do this by calculating both economic and non-economic damages.

Pain And Suffering Damages

Attorneys will estimate your pain and suffering using traditional methods. For example, perhaps you suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after a bad motorcycle accident. Your attorney can select a multiplier between one and seven to reflect the severity of the damages. If you suffered broken arms and ribs, you might receive a multiplier of five, six, or more. Your attorney will multiply this amount by your total economic damages to summate your non-economic damages. Pain and suffering refer to any emotional damages. This includes feelings like depression, anxiety, and other strong negative feelings. 

Medical Bills

All of your medical expenses caused by your car collision will be included in your settlement. This includes any ongoing expenses, including treatments that last months or years into the future. Any surgery, x-ray or imaging scans, physical therapy, prescription medication, and more will be considered a compensable medical expense. Car accident attorneys will ensure you are fairly and fully compensated after you suffer extremely severe injuries.

Property Damage

The damage done to your vehicle could have been so extreme you needed to repair large portions of it or completely replace it. This is a major inconvenience to you and your family, and can also put a strain on you financially. Any car repair expenses paid for by your insurance company can also be reimbursed with the help of car accident lawyers. 

Lost Wages

Your lost wages are an important form of damages. This is because you should be compensated for any time away from work. When you have to stay home to recover from your auto accident because you cannot perform normal tasks, this can force you to experience missed wages. You may not have enough money to pay for bills or other costly expenses due to your missed wages. Fortunately, all past, present, and future wages that are lost because of your auto accident will be considered a part of your settlement. 

Wrongful Death Damages  

Car accident attorneys can help any eligible family member that survived a wrongful death victim. This can be a spouse, child, dependent, or a person named in the victim’s estate. They can seek additional damages in addition to typical personal injury damages. Surviving family members and dependents can seek loss of consortium, loss of guardianship, loss of valuable services, and other non-economic damages. Economic damages that can be claimed in a wrongful death claim include loss of benefits, lost wages, medical bills until death, loss of earning capacity, and other forms of financial losses due to the victim’s passing. 

Car Accident FAQ

You may have questions on your mind regarding your car accident. Here are some answers already prepared for you by our experienced car accident lawyers.

Why Should I Not Work With The Other Party’s Insurance Company?

The other party’s insurance company is not your friend. They will try to work around the car accident attorney and have you settle for far less than you are owed. Their settlement often excludes pain and suffering damages, which make up the majority of your settlement wages. Additionally, they underestimate how much suffering you endured following your injuries. They may not include compensation for your future ongoing costs. They may reach out to you and request a recorded testimony. You should always decline to do a recorded testimony because anything you say can be used as an excuse to reduce your settlement. They may use other unfair tactics, such as researching you on social media to see if you made any recent posts. Information you post on social media about your accident can also be used against you. The other party’s insurer may argue your injuries were not serious.

What Happens If I Am Partially At Fault?

According to Georgia State’s law of comparative negligence, you can be compensated despite contributing to your own accident. This means if you contributed to under 50% of your car accident, you can still receive compensation for the 50% you did not cause. If you contributed to 51% of your own accident, then you will be unable to receive compensation at all for your damages. You would be held fully liable for your own injuries. The legal process can differ for every case, meaning it is better to let your attorney decide who is liable for your damages and whether you have a case. 

What If The Other Party Is Not At Fault, Who Is To Blame?

Sometimes it is not the other driver that caused your accident. It could be the manufacturer of their vehicle that caused their car to malfunction and result in a car accident. In this case, your attorney will seek compensation from the manufacturer directly and negotiate a settlement with them. In other cases, it may be the local government’s fault if the roads were so damaged they created unsafe conditions. Lastly, it could be a negligent construction company that left obstacles on the road or equipment that contributed to your car accident. Regardless of who is at fault, your attorney will do their best to obtain compensation from the other party reasonably and justifiably.

What Should I Bring to My Initial Consultation with an Auto Accident Lawyer?

In most cases, your initial consultation will begin over the phone. When you do meet with the lawyer in person about your car accident case, bring a copy of the police accident report, any medical information you have, liability insurance information if you have obtained it, etc. 

How Do I Work With Reliable Car Accident Lawyers In Lawrenceville GA Now?

Whether dealing with auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and more, your attorney will investigate your auto accident claim to discover how the crash occurred. The evidence discovered from your accident will be used to prove how the other party was negligent. With the help of your attorney, you can receive compensation as soon as possible to help you get through this difficult time. They will often work with other professionals to help develop your case and strengthen your personal injury claim. Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay after we have won your case. Talk to The Pendergrass Law Firm, LC  today to receive a free consultation and direction on the next steps.

Lawrenceville Car Accident Attorney 

If you’re the victim of driver negligence, you’re entitled to make a car accident claim. The Pendergrass Law Firm of Lawrenceville, GA offers our legal services to accident victims on a contingency basis, which means that there are no out-of-pocket costs. Many accident victims choose to negotiate with the insurance adjuster without seeking legal representation. This is a mistake. The insurance adjusters work for the insurer, not the victim. If you’ve been injured in an accident, Call The Pendergrass Law Firm and speak with an experienced car accident lawyer in Lawrenceville, GA about your insurance claim. Our legal team is ready to help you seek compensation for a full and fair financial recovery.

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