The Differences Between Car And Truck Accidents

The features of a car accident are majorly different from the attributes of a trucking accident. The latter can turn out to be way more gruesome than the former. Although, there are some key differences that set one apart from the other. In Gwinnett county truck accidents, heavy-duty vehicles such as tractor-trailers, semi-trucks.

Large trucks, 18-wheelers, and other commercial vehicles could be involved. It could be a collision of a single-vehicle against a property, two vehicles against each other, or multiple vehicles, and pedestrians. Such incidents can cause immense personal injury damages, and/or property damages.

Car accidents usually consist of collisions of light-weight motor vehicles. While these can be extremely damaging in their own right, they are less likely to cause as severe damage as trucking accidents, since the latter can also involve large and heavy trucks, and cause extensive personal damage.

Another point of difference between car and trucking accidents is that truck accident cases are relatively trickier to investigate. Inevitably, proving negligence or guilt can be extremely difficult, since a lot of parties can get involved after a truck accident, including the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturers, and all the pedestrians, and motor vehicle drivers that were involved in the collision. Proving guilt between the truck drivers, the truck company, and the truck manufacturer alone is a difficult task. This is why hiring a Gwinnett County truck accident lawyer as soon as you get involved in a Gwinnett County truck accident is advisable. Pendergrass Law has helped numerous injury victims of Georgia truck accidents in getting justice. If there’s anyone who can safeguard your interests in Gwinnett County and get you fair compensation, it’s us. If you need a Gwinnett County injury lawyer schedule a consultation with us today.

Statute Of Limitations For Truck Accident Cases

In Georgia, the statute of limitation for personal injury claims is 2 years from the date of the accident, or the injury. Beyond that, attempts to file a claim for the accident will be denied, unless an exception to the law applies to you. 

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What Does A Truck Accident Lawyer or Attorney Do?

A Gwinnett County truck accident lawyer can do a lot more than simply negotiate your case with the insurance company or fight your case in front of the judge. You can trust a Gwinnett County truck accident attorney with virtually every task and appointment associated with the truck accident case. Here is all a Gwinnett county injury lawyer can do for you.

Determining liability

The reason why truck accidents or semi-truck accidents are way more complicated than auto accidents is due to the involvement of so many parties. This can make determining liability very tricky. In an average trucking accident case, the following likely defendants could be involved;

  • The truck driver, or the other drivers
  • The trucking companies 
  • The truck manufacturer 
  • Insurance company 
  • The company that loaded the cargo 
  • Government bodies 
  • Passenger cars or motor vehicle

When a truck collides with another vehicle, not only will the commercial truck driver come under fire, but if the driver is associated with a trucking company, the company would also be scrutinized. This especially happens if the cause of the accident was distracted driving. If the investigation reveals that the accident was due to the faulty mechanism of the truck, and not the fault of the driver, then the manufacturer of the truck could be blamed. If there was some issue with the loading of the cargo, then the shipping company could be added to the list of defendants. The bottom line, pinning liability in trucking cases is difficult, and before you march to the insurance firm to demand compensation, you would have to provide evidence for exactly who was at fault (truck drivers, trucking companies, manufacturer or other vehicles). If you have little to no legal experience in fighting personal injury and wrongful death cases, you’d have to contact a competent Gwinnett County truck accident lawyer to gather and organize evidence for your case. Pendergrass Law helps you seek compensation for the injuries you sustained in a trucking accident by proving fault of defendant in the case. 

Building the case

Whether you’re asking for a claim from the insurance companies or presenting the case in court, you’d have to build a compelling case that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re owed compensation. If you have an attorney, you’re not burdened with gathering bits of information that could be used to fight your case. A truck accident lawyer does all the legwork and paperwork on your behalf. Here are the things you can expect from the truck injury lawyer. Gather evidence of the accident to prove negligence. This would include collecting photos and videos of the crash, contacting the witnesses and getting their statements, going down to the police station to the official report of the accident, consulting experts to get a professional opinion on the accident, and if need be, contacting the trucking company, or and manufacturing company to collect information on the truck’s electronic control module. It could help your case in front of the jury or the judge. We could also contact the driver of the other vehicle. Identifying all the parties who could be wholly or partly at fault for the accident, and determining by how much percentage are they liable to pay, if at all. Collect the doctor’s statement, your medical history, and the medical bills to prove your injury. Negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance companies, and if the company refuses to comply with your terms, then file a lawsuit against the defendant. Once the lawsuit has been filed, a personal injury attorney would also represent you in the court, and ensure that the judge declares a favorable verdict to you. For everything to go smoothly, you’d want to have the best team of truck accident lawyers or car accident lawyers fighting your case. If you don’t already have an attorney, now is the time to schedule a free consultation with Pendergrass Law, a firm of national trial lawyers that can help you navigate the personal injury law of Gwinnett County and prove that you deserve adequate compensation for your injuries.

Calculate damages

Trucking accidents can lead to severe injuries, in the form of brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck and head injuries, and more. The treatment of these injuries can mount huge medical bills, loss of earnings, and loss of potential future earnings, in addition to the pain and suffering that you’d have to endure because of the motorcycle accident. Needless to say, you’d demand fair compensation for all kinds of damages that you suffered, be it physical, mental, emotional, or material. A Gwinnett county injury lawyer will help you calculate all these damages, and come up with a precise figure to propose to the insurance company. Without a Gwinnett County truck accident lawyer, you’d face unnumbered problems in calculating tangible and intangible damages. There’s also the added risk that the insurance companies might bully you into settling for less. Pendergrass Law can furnish you with expert negotiators who can not only quantify the damages of the accident but also discuss the proposed compensation with the insurance firm deftly. If there’s anyone in Gwinnett county who can help you get justice for your damages, then it’s Pendergrass Law. 

Why Choose Pendergrass Law?

Pendergrass Law firm is devoted to representing victims for injuries sustained by them in Gwinnett County, Georgia. All our trial attorneys have the utmost empathy for people who have suffered injuries due to the sheer negligence of others on the road. It is empathy that drives us forward in helping our clients get justice. We use our years of experience, and cache of knowledge to prove liability in a trucking accident. Our aim is to get maximum compensation for our clients, so if you’ve been wronged due to the negligence of another, call us today to schedule a consultation. You can also consult us for wrongful death cases on behalf of the victim. We would first ask you to brief on the events that led to the accident and then start collecting evidence to build your case. The sooner you get in touch with it, the better, as we would be tapping into potential evidence while it is still fresh. Contact us now.

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