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Norcross Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries can be devastating, especially when those injuries are suffered due to the negligence of another party and that’s why it’s important to take the necessary steps to heal your injuries, protect your rights, and recover your quality of life. 

According to data compiled by the Department of Justice, only 4% of personal injury cases make it to court, because most of them are settled out of court. Norcross personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation to those who may have been injured in an accident looking to protect their rights in court or via settlement. Read more below about what a personal injury lawyer does to handle your case. 

Common Personal Injury Claims

Unintentional poisonings, motor vehicle accidents, and unintentional falls are the leading causes of personal injury claims. According to the Center for Disease Control 37,991, die each year due to fatal car accidents and over 39.5 million individuals visited the emergency room for injuries. 

A personal injury lawyer will help their clients handle car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and other types of accidents involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, cyclists, and pedestrians

A personal injury lawyer can also handle wrongful death claims from loved ones seeking justice on behalf of the deceased. Norcross personal injury attorneys have found recuperating damages for the families of those who have died due to the negligence of another party. 

Personal injury law also applies to other types of cases including dog bites, slip, and fall accidents, and product liability cases. When someone is injured due to the inability of others to perform their duty to care by leashing their dogs when appropriate, tidying areas that could cause falls, or releasing faulty products to the public; these individuals can be found liable in civil courts and held responsible for paying damages to the injured.

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Reasons To Choose a Norcross Personal Injury Attorney

There are many benefits to inquiring about the services of an attorney to handle your personal injury case. After your accident, many individuals ask themselves if it is worth getting a personal injury lawyer? Here are a few of the benefits that Norcross personal injury victims have found supportive because of the adept skills of their personal injury lawyers:

Contingent Payment Terms

You may be curious as to how personal injuries get paid and what percentage they may get. Personal injury law firms normally get paid contingently. Meaning they don’t receive any money from you for your case until it has been successfully tried or settled. Personal injury lawyers usually take an agreed-upon percentage of your damages capped at 33% in the state of Georgia. This could be very beneficial to those that feel as though they can’t afford an attorney. 

Free Consultation 

It costs nothing to consult with a Norcross personal injury lawyer today because they offer a free consultation. At your free consultation, you’ll be able to sit down with a personal injury attorney, outline the details of your case, and speak with your potential attorney about ways that you could defend your case, if the case has legs, and previous success their firm has had with cases similar to yours. 

Vital Experience with Insurance Companies

Personal injury law professionals will have lots of experience with cases like yours. They’ll also have experience supporting those who’ve been in a car accident. An adept attorney will have skills negotiating with insurance companies on their client’s behalf to get maximum compensation. 

The goal of the insurance company is to pay out the least amount of money possible and they will use all of the tools and resources at their disposal to do so but a skillful professional attorney will work tirelessly to combat that by conducting an investigation that justifies why you should receive all of the damages that you’re entitled to by law. 

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Continued Support

It’s normal for an injury claims attorney to provide support for your case until it has been resolved. The perfect personal law professional will be dedicated to your case and work tirelessly to your benefit. When you consult with your lawyer, ask them about their caseload, which lawyers will be working on your case, and how much experience they have with cases like yours to ensure that you’ll get the continued support necessary to successfully defend your case.  

However, if at any point, the lawyer or client feels that they aren’t in agreement, then either of them may terminate the relationship. Could a personal injury lawyer drop your case? The answer is yes, but they’re obliged to inform you and get approval from the courts. A firm could terminate a client when they feel they’ve negotiated the best deal possible but the client disagrees. 

Local Touch

Each courtroom has norms and practices governed by the judges and laws that reside in that community. Gwinnett County and Norcross accident victims can benefit from having an attorney familiar with the customs of the local courthouses. A firm with lawyers that try cases in the Gwinnett County community will have an advantage over those who don’t. 

Awareness of Georgia Statutes

It’s not only important for your firm to understand the local customs but also all the important Georgian laws that affect your case. One particular law that it’s super important for your potential personal injury attorney to be familiar with is the Georgia Statute of Limitations that apply to your types of accident. Under Georgia Statute §9-3-33, plaintiffs have only two years from the date of their injury to file a suit before the applicable statute of limitations expires and they are forever barred from filing. 

The benefits of retaining the services of an injury lawyer could far outweigh personally dealing with insurance companies, bureaucracies, filing the right documents, and learning all of the applicable laws of your case. 

Elements of A Personal Injury Claim

It’s the job of your representation to demonstrate that your injury was caused by the other party’s failure to fulfill their obligation to a “duty of care”. To resolve your case successfully, you’ll need evidence documenting how your injury occurred and who you feel is responsible.  It’s important to understand the elements that apply to personal injury cases including: 

  • Duty of care dependent on the type of case
  • Negligence or failure to exercise sensible care 
  • Causation because the failure to exercise understandable care caused injury
  • The presence of economic and non-economic damages

The following elements of a personal injury claim are equally important to successfully try or settle your case: 

Document Everything

Police reports, witness statements, and CCTV images and videos are often used as evidence in personal injury claims. It will be of utmost importance to the defense of your case to document as much as possible including:

  • The full extent of your injuries 
  • Financial losses related to the injuries
  • Medical records
  • Contact information for other drivers and witnesses
  • Photos and videos of the scene 
  • Hospital, therapeutic, and doctor bills
  • Financial records showing your medical debts
  • Loss of income from missed work
  • Other evidence of your physical, mental, and social suffering after the accident

Negotiations and Demands

After your attorneys investigate your case and calculate your present and future losses, they submit a demand letter to the insurance company and start to negotiate a fair settlement. Personal injury attorneys manage all communications with the insurer and handle the paperwork. When a reasonable settlement is reached, the case can be resolved quickly without having to go to court. 

When insurance companies refuse to settle, your option is to file a lawsuit. Some insurance companies look to extend negotiations well beyond the statute of limitations, or until plaintiffs fatigue and accept a lower settlement. That’s why it’s essential to work with an experienced trial attorney that is prepared to pursue justice in court. 

How Personal Injury Attorneys Support You

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, contact an experienced Norcross personal injury attorney to discuss your case and the various legal options that are at your disposal. Consultation with a personal injury attorney in Norcross is free, so don’t delay. 

Personal injury attorneys seek the justice that you deserve and support you in finding the peace of mind that you have been searching for. You do not have to delay getting the compensation you deserve to pay your medical bills and make up for your lost wages from missed work.

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