Bus accidents in Peachtree Corners, GA

Because buses are large, the accidents they tend to be involved in often cause severe injuries. Those on the bus can be injured, along with anyone else on the road, leading to many parties being involved in a claim. That means getting a lawyer is essential. 

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Peachtree Corners, GA: What causes bus accidents?

Distracted driving affects everyone, including bus drivers. Even if it’s just for a few seconds, drivers who take their eyes off the road or aren’t fully engaged in driving can miss changes on the road and not react quickly enough to hazards. Another cause of bus accidents is intoxicated driving. Having a blood alcohol concentration level higher than 0.04% can make it easier for a bus driver to lose control of the vehicle, leading to accidents. Any intoxicating substance is dangerous. It’s not always the bus driver who’s at fault, however. Sometimes, road conditions like uneven pavement can make collisions more likely. Manufacturing problems or maintenance issues are also common causes of accidents. 

Who’s liable after a bus accident in Peachtree Corners, GA?

Under Georgia law, buses are considered common carriers, which means that bus drivers have a higher responsibility toward keeping their passengers safe. However, it’s not always easy to know who could be liable for the accident.

The bus driver would be liable if they acted negligently, including speeding, driving while intoxicated, and more. If the bus is privately owned, the company’s liable if they hired unsafe drivers or if they didn’t maintain the buses as they should have.

If parts were defective or if the bus wasn’t assembled correctly, the manufacturer could be responsible. With the right bus accident lawyer in Peachtree Corners, GA, to help you, you can get the guidance you need through this process. 

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What to do after a bus accident in Peachtree Corners, GA

After a bus accident, you need to call emergency services and get medical treatment. It’s crucial that you do this even if you think you aren’t injured. Many times, the adrenaline after an accident can mask injuries, so you want to get professional help. Speak with the police and begin gathering evidence if you can. This can mean taking pictures of the accident, your injuries, and anything else that could help prove your claim. If you can’t do this yourself, have someone else do so on your behalf. It’s essential that you reach out to a bus accident attorney in Peachtree Corners, GA, such as Pendergrass Law. You may think you have time to file a claim, but the process is lengthy, and you don’t want to miss the filing deadline.

Compensation available after a bus accident in Peachtree Corners, GA

You can claim economic damages after a bus accident in Georgia. These include medical expenses. If you suffered an injury that requires ongoing care, you can also claim future medical expenses. Lost wages are another type of economic damage. Non-economic damages are also a type of compensation you can claim. These include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium if a loved one died in the accident or if they were injured enough to rob you of companionship. Punitive damages are sometimes available if the at-fault party behaved egregiously, but these aren’t compensatory damages. Instead, they seek to punish the party to prevent the same thing from occurring in the future.

How Pendergrass Law can help

At Pendergrass Law, we offer the assistance you need after being in a bus accident that left you with injuries and trauma. We assess each claim carefully to make sure we can provide help and then get to work investigating the accident. By gathering police reports, eyewitness accounts, medical records, and more, we can prove who was liable and begin the negotiation process. Negotiating is one of the most complex steps, but we have years of experience fighting for clients’ rights. If we see that the other party is not negotiating in good faith or that the process has stalled, we can take your case to court.

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Fighting for your rights in Peachtree Corners, GA

If you’ve been in a bus accident that was the result of negligence, you have rights in Georgia. By turning to a bus accident lawyer with experience, it’s possible to get compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. At Pendergrass Law, we’re here to help you through this difficult time. With years of experience and a dedication to compassionate representation, we’re ready to offer our services to the Peachtree Corners, GA, community. 

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