What Should I Do After I’ve Been In A Delivery Truck Accident?

Once a delivery truck accident has happened, it is time to take action and start gathering evidence that can help your case. They can use this evidence to give you a better chance of obtaining a fair settlement.

Call 911

You need to get your injuries treated by paramedics as soon as possible. When the police show up at the scene, they will eventually write a report of the accident details. The police report can be very useful when negotiating with the insurance company. 

Take Photographs

While you’re waiting for emergency services to arrive, take pictures of the delivery truck accident. Include pictures of the damage to each vehicle, the accident scene, and, if possible, your injuries.

Get Medical Treatment

You will need to see a doctor to find out if there are any lingering or late-manifesting injuries that the emergency responders missed. Delaying this can reduce your chance of receiving a fair settlement since the opposition might try to claim your injuries were not caused by the accident. 

Speak To Our Reliable Attorneys

Our delivery truck accident attorneys can negotiate a fair settlement using the evidence you provide and additional evidence they uncover during their investigation. 

Call Your Insurance Company 

You have to let your insurance company know you’ve been in a delivery truck accident. They may also help with medical bills depending on the type of coverage you have.

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What If The Delivery Truck Driver Isn’t At Fault Or Is Partially At Fault?

If you were partially at fault or another party is involved, the settlement can be reduced or split across multiple parties. Complex situations like this can be sorted out with the help of a proven delivery truck accident attorney. Here are reasons why the delivery truck driver may not be completely responsible for the accident:

You’re Partially At Fault

According to Georgia’s comparative negligence law, you would receive a percentage of the damages if you were partially at fault for the accident. For example, if you were going slightly above the speed limit when the accident happened, you might be held partially responsible.

Construction Company’s Fault

Construction companies sometimes create obstacles in the road, such as debris that can get in the way of other drivers. They are required to keep areas clear so that drivers, pedestrians, and anyone else doesn’t get injured. There must be construction signs directing traffic away from dangerous construction zones. If the accident was because of a construction company’s negligence, you would have to speak with your attorney about seeking a settlement from them instead.

Manufacturer’s Fault

Sometimes there is a defect with the truck itself, which causes the accident between the delivery truck driver and you. The delivery truck company is required to perform regular maintenance on the vehicle. However, some defects go unnoticed and may result in engine failures, faulty steering wheels, malfunctioning brakes, and more.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been in a Delivery Truck Accident?

Whether your case is simple or complex, your delivery truck accident attorney can help clarify what you should expect and make the process easier for you. They can calculate your damages and use evidence to prove who was responsible for the accident. With their help, it will be quicker and easier for you to obtain a settlement that is fair. Our attorneys are resourceful and will provide all the information you need to help you through this difficult time. To get started with our reliable law firm, call Georgia Trial Firm for a free consultation. 

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