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After suffering from a personal injury in Dunwoody, GA, a victim will experience a range of impacts that they likely would not have expected — in addition to the obvious issues such as medical bills, property damage costs, and lost wages from time away from work while recovering. When someone else causes the accident that led to these injuries, there is often an opportunity for the victim to file an insurance claim or open a personal injury case against the responsible party. The purpose of this claim is for the victim to receive adequate compensation for the damages they have incurred as a result of someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior, but it is important to remember that there are two conflicting sides trying to settle this issue in their own best interests. 

Insurance companies stay profitable by paying out less for settlements than they collect in premiums, meaning that your claim will be handled by an adjuster whose main goal is to reach a low settlement as quickly as possible. While you are working on recovering from your injuries, it can be confusing and overwhelming to go through the necessary work to get what you deserve. If you are injured and are planning to file a claim, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to hire a Dunwoody personal injury attorney who can represent you throughout the process. 

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Our firm offers a free consultation with victims of personal injury cases, during which time we can discuss a range of things: what it means to be a client of The Pendergrass Law Firm, how a lawyer can help you through this complicated and frustrating process, and provide you with legal advice about your unique situation after a Dunwoody accident. Insurance companies don’t want you to work with a personal injury lawyer, which is why they try to make the claims process as seamless as possible — many people don’t realize the benefit of professional help until the adjuster returns with a shockingly low settlement offer. At this point, it isn’t too late to bring in an attorney in Dunwoody, but the reality is that working with personal injury lawyers from day one is always the best approach.

Read more below to get a better idea about Atlanta personal injury cases and how the team at The Pendergrass Law Firm can help you move forward from a Dunwoody, GA personal injury. Contact us as soon as possible so you can go over the details of your case with an experienced lawyer and give you a better sense of your rights and options under Georgia personal injury law. 

The Importance of Working With a Personal Injury Attorney

The following are just a few of the many reasons why working with injury lawyers in Dunwoody, GA can make the difference between getting the money you deserve, and accepting a settlement that works out for the insurance companies. You do not deserve to take on the financial burdens of someone else’s dangerous behaviors, and the attorneys at The Pendergrass Law Firm will fight to make sure that you get the compensation you are rightfully owed.

Save Yourself Unnecessary Stress

After a personal injury stemming from a car accident, slip and fall, or any of the other many types of personal injury accidents that are common in Atlanta and Dunwoody, GA, you should try to keep your stress as low as possible in order to maximize your recovery. Emotional stress can put a toll on your physical recovery, and when a personal injury attorney is handling your legal case, you can remove that added stress from your life.

Focus On Your Recovery

Personal injury cases can be time-consuming, especially when you are unfamiliar with the process and need to educate yourself about how to get fair compensation, perform your own investigation, and then handle your own negotiations — all while suffering from serious injuries and going through medical treatment. After an accident in Dunwoody, GA, the best thing you can do is prioritize your medical care while a professional builds a case for your compensation. Many personal injury cases are settled too quickly, and for too little compensation, because the victim is trying to manage their claim while they are also trying to get their car fixed, get comprehensive medical care, and trying to get back to work. Your lawyer won’t be able to get you back to work, but they will be able to fight for compensation for your lost wages. 

Get Your Life Back On Track

Personal injury accidents have widespread impacts on the injured party’s life, including things like getting your car back on the road, getting back to work, and, most importantly, getting medical care for your injuries. All of these needs are time-consuming and require a lot more of your attention than you may first think. When you have Dunwoody lawyers working on your case, you can give yourself the time and space necessary to handle the aspects of your personal and professional life that need your attention. A Dunwoody personal injury lawyer recognizes the wide range of stressors that their client is handling, which is why your peace of mind is a top priority for us throughout your personal injury case.

Fatal Crashes 2017-2019 Image

Dekalb County reported a total of 30,114 car accidents in 2018 alone. Source: https://www.gahighwaysafety.org/research/data-by-county/ 

Get a Fair Settlement

Trying to handle your own accident case at the same time is overwhelming, which is why the insurance companies leverage this anxiety in an attempt to reach a low settlement agreement as quickly as possible. Accident lawyers understand this tactic and will perform their own investigation while a claims adjuster works through your case. You will be shocked at the difference in amounts that your attorneys will calculate compared to the compensation offer you first receive. Once the insurance company submits its first offer, your personal injury attorney will make a counter-offer to initiate a series of negotiations. Many personal injury cases are settled without a lawsuit or trial, and in most cases, your attorney will work to settle without involving the Georgia courts

2019 Superior Court Caseload image

DeKalb Superior Court handled a total of 12,929 civil cases in 2019. If negotiations go well, we can avoid being one of these statistics. Source: https://research.georgiacourts.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2020/09/2019-Superior-Court-Caseload-Report.fin-1.pdf 

Get Reliable Legal Advice

One of the most difficult parts of a Dunwoody accident is the uncertainty about your future, particularly about how you are going to financially recover. Accidents are expensive for a number of reasons, and if you are seriously injured then the cost will only increase. When you are working with a lawyer in Dunwoody, GA who has a successful history of representing clients after accidents, you can count on their advice and understanding to help relieve your worry and stay focused on your recovery. 

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You do not need to go through this alone. Many people believe that legal counsel is out of their reach, but we work on contingency fees, meaning that you will not pay if we don’t win. Contingency fees are paid out as a percentage of your final award. Take advantage of our free consultation to speak with a Dunwoody attorney now so you can understand the benefit of working with injury lawyers, and get started on your accident case today. You do not need to accept a low settlement, and as our client, we will fight to make sure that you have a fair shot at the compensation you deserve.