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When you are injured in a car accident in Stone Mountain, it is essential to seek medical attention and do what your doctor tells you to do to get better. Unfortunately, medical bills for an injury due to someone else’s negligence can quickly add up, and you will have to find a way to pay for the expenses that are sure to accumulate as you recover or adjust to your post-accident life in Stone Mountain.

If you have had an automobile accident in Stone Mountain Dekalb County, you are not alone and must decide to speak to a car accident lawyer from The Pendergrass Law Firm to seek the compensation you deserve. 

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading reason for deaths that are related to personal injury. They are the second leading cause of ER injury treatment and hospitalization in the state. Georgia had the fourth-highest number of auto accidents in America in the year 2017 with many victims suffering an injury.

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If you suffered severe injuries in a car accident in Stone Mountain, you need to contact a car accident attorney from The Pendergrass Law Firm and tell us about your personal injury. 

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We have experience handling many car accident cases that cause severe injuries in Stone Mountain, Georgia where negligence is involved. Our Stone Mountain law firm has filed claims for victims of wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, and other personal injuries against the at-fault party, always seeking maximum compensation. 

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Accident Statistics in Georgia

  • Approximately 1,600 People died in car accidents on Georgia highways in 2020.
  • Going above the speed limit is considered to be a leading cause of Personal Injury in the state.
  • Single vehicle car accidents are the most common type of car crash in the state.
  • Dekalb county, which includes Stone Mountain, had the highest number of fatal crashes in Georgia regarding car accidents.
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Common Types Of Car Crashes In Stone Mountain Georgia

There are many different ways to get injured in auto accidents that cause personal injury in Stone  Mountain, Georgia. Among them:

Front Impact Collisions

Front-impact collisions are one of the most dangerous types of automobile crashes in Stone Mountain. They include head-on collisions with other cars and single-vehicle accidents in which a vehicle hits a stationary object.

Although a person’s front airbag may deploy, the impact is often so great that a person may sustain broken ribs, head injuries, and impalement. If this has happened to you or a loved one, call us for a free consultation with our lawyer.

A combination of dangerous road conditions and speeding might cause this type of auto accident. Head-on collisions often occur on two-lane winding highways at night. When driving down a side street in bad weather or on a mountain road, you should always take your time and exercise extreme caution.

Side-Impact Collisions

There are several different ways a side impact can happen. You may be turning a corner when another car speeds through a red light and hits you, or you could be driving through an intersection when another vehicle T-bones your car. 

These accidents are often caused by speeding drivers simply not looking where they are going. Call our lawyer for a free consultation, and our firm will gather all available information to build a strong case on your behalf.

If you get T-boned, you can get cuts from broken glass and injuries to your elbow and shoulder. Broken ribs are common, and, as with most auto accidents, you could get whiplash. You could suffer more extensive injuries in truck accidents.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of accidents in the U.S. They happen because of aggressive driving, tailgating, speeding, and distracted driving.

Whiplash and neck injuries are very common after a rear-end accident, as are broken bones. If you are in a collision with a much larger vehicle or with a vehicle traveling at high speed, injuries can be very serious and even fatal.

If you have been in a car accident in Stone Mountain, GA, you will need the representation of our law firm and our team of lawyers to get the money you need to pay your bills and get on with your life. Our legal team will research your case thoroughly, and our lawyers are well versed in negotiating with insurance companies and their lawyers.

Getting Your Insurance Company to Pay

Although it is an insurance company’s job to see that your bills are paid in an accident, most of them will try to get out of paying you all the money you are owed. There are a few things you can do to make sure your insurance claim form is a solid one.

What To Do At The Scene

When you have a car accident, you should pull over to the side of the road and see if there are any injuries and then call the police and wait for them to arrive.

If you can take pictures, you should. Be sure to get photos of damages to property, your injuries, and the accident scene. You should get the names and numbers of any witnesses to the accident.

It is very important to get the name, insurance information, and contact information of the other drivers in the accident. Georgia is a tort state when it comes to auto insurance. This means that the person who caused the accident is at fault and responsible for paying its associated expenses.

Save Your Bills

You should work diligently to make copies of any medical form associated with your accident and all bills and other relevant information. 

You should also save the receipts for any medications you take, whether prescription or non-prescription. You can get your employer to write you a form letter stating the number of hours and wages you have missed from work or look for your pay stubs.

Contacting Your Insurance Company

If the insurance company denies your claim, you should call us so we can discuss the feasibility of a lawsuit. If they accept your claim, you should contact us before you accept their settlement offer. There is a good chance they will offer you less than you deserve.

Money may not restore everything you have lost in an accident, but it can help you move forward and get the best treatment available.

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