What is a catastrophic injury attorney in Atlanta, GA?

A catastrophic injury lawyer focuses on injuries like paralysis. This type of lawyer understands the complex nature of the injury and the extent of the treatment process. If you are injured in an accident, Pendergrass Law can help.

Understanding paralysis and its symptoms

Paralysis refers to the inability to make voluntary muscle movements. It occurs when there’s a problem in the way your nervous system functions. Healthy nerves send signals to muscles, telling them to move. If nerves sustain damage of any kind, paralysis can occur. Traumatic accidents like car collisions and falls can cause nerve damage to your spinal cord, leading to this serious condition.

It’s important to understand that paralysis doesn’t always occur immediately after the accident. A spinal cord injury can get worse in the days after, so it’s essential to get medical help if you notice symptoms.

Some of the most common symptoms of serious spinal cord damage include:

  • Tingling sensations
  • Loss of sensation in your extremities
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Loss of movement
  • Breathing problems
  • Spasms and exaggerated reflexes

The severity of the paralysis can depend on the location of the damaged spinal nerve. For example, if you have damage to your cervical spine, you can develop paralysis from the chin down. 

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What kind of accidents can result in paralysis?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 46% of all spinal cord injuries in the United States occur as a result of car accidents. In some instances, the force of the impact can cause the spine to flex beyond its range of motion, leading to severe damage. In other cases, the collision can slam your head or neck against part of the vehicle or debris, leading to spinal damage. It’s common for people who aren’t wearing a seat belt during the accident to hit the windshield or be ejected from the vehicle. Landing with enough force on the asphalt can result in spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis. If you fall from a high place, you can also experience spinal cord damage severe enough to lead to this condition. Blunt-force trauma from the impact can shatter the spinal column and send pieces of bone to damage or even severe spinal cord nerves. Extreme bending and twisting during the fall can also lead to these kinds of injuries. Even a slip and fall could result in paralysis.

Is compensation available for catastrophic injuries like paralysis?

If you’ve been in an accident that only occurred because of someone else’s negligence and you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury leading to paralysis, a catastrophic injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA, can help you get the compensation you deserve. Dealing with an injury as severe as paralysis will require significant medical treatments. You may even need to receive care for the rest of your life. You shouldn’t have to pay for all of that out of your own pocket when the accident wasn’t your fault. By filing a personal injury claim, you can get compensation to cover medical expenses. These expenses include hospital bills, medication costs, the purchase of medical devices, and so much more. For example, if you need to make structural changes to your home to accommodate a wheelchair, you can also get coverage for that. It’s essential to work closely with a lawyer in these kinds of cases because you want to be able to claim future medical costs, as well. These can include nursing care costs, as well. Typically, people who suffer catastrophic injuries like paralysis can’t return to their normal jobs or may not be able to work at all. If that’s the case, you want to be reimbursed for the wages you’re not receiving. Lost wage damages make this possible. A serious injury that leads to paralysis causes physical pain and mental suffering. Although it’s difficult to put a number on pain and suffering, your lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. For an injury that causes paralysis, you also have the ability to get further damages that deal with the loss of enjoyment of your life.

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Turning to a catastrophic injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA

When you’re dealing with an injury serious enough to cause paralysis, turning to a catastrophic injury attorney in Atlanta, GA, is essential. With experienced lawyers, you have the best chance of getting fair compensation. At Pendergrass Law, our team is ready to offer compassionate assistance. Because we are a boutique law firm, we focus fully on each case and provide the strong support you need. Don’t wait another day. Contact The Pendergrass Law Firm in Atlanta, GA. 

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